Planet Lean’s Mission

Planet Lean is the official online magazine of the Lean Global Network, launched in February 2014 as a platform to share LGN’s knowledge of and experience with lean thinking and practice around the world.

Through story-telling, in-depth analysis, thought-provoking opinion and practical gemba-based advice, Planet Lean has quickly become an important voice in the Lean Community, influencing the debate and supporting transformations with its content.

Our articles aim to contribute to the expansion of lean globally by helping individuals and organizations on a lean journey to benchmark against others and learn from their successes and from their failures.

Since its founding, Planet Lean has published over 425 articles and received over 400,000 visits.

We believe that lean thinking and practice can change the world for the better, and this belief is reflected in the content we publish, which includes: case studies, feature articles, interviews, research papers, leaders’ profiles, opinion pieces, and even documentaries.

To get more information about PL, to provide feedback or submit a story, email Editor Roberto Priolo at