How to join

LGN has a presence in seven regions across the globe and a virtual presence in most of the world's countries via its online community. LGN would like to expand its reach in order to have a greater impact advancing lean thinking and practice across the globe. While still looking to support the development of new institutes, LGN has regional growth strategies based on partnerships with local lean thought leaders and organizations that share both our mission and our point-of-view related to lean thinking, practice, and organizational transformation.

The LGN partnership process follows:

1 Download and submit the completed 'LGN Application form' to

2 LGN's Director contacts the applicant to review the information.

3 The Director reviews the application with the LGN Executive Committee who then recommend next steps.

4 An LGN Executive Committee representative meets with the applicant, consults with the Executive Committee and Board of Directors, and makes a decision

Download the application form here