What we do

The Lean Global Network focuses on four key activities:


LGN events bring together leaders, management teams and practitioners to share the stories of lean transformation of their organizations. Typically, leaders outline the purpose and business case underlying the organizational change, while the management team and practitioners describe the details of the implementation, including the challenges, how they overcame them, and the results they achieved.

Our events provide a great  opportunity for lean thinkers at various stages of their lean learning journey to learn, network, and develop new ways of thinking about their daily challenges.

LGN events consist of:

  • The Lean Global Connection, our global online conference, attracting 7,000+ people
  • Summits reaching several hundred to over 1,000 attendees.
  • Smaller regional events.
  • Topic or sector-specific learning events for a few dozen to 100 participants.
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LGN provides education and training on fundamental lean concepts, accompanied by hands-on simulations, real-world problem-solving exercises, and group reflection and discussions.

Our faculty members and coaches have decades of real-world, applied lean experience - many working directly with Toyota. They will help you to understand lean fundamentals as developed and taught by Toyota, while tapping into their actual experience to teach you how to apply these concepts effectively.

Education options include:

  • Experiential on-site or in-company gemba-based learning activities
  • Public workshops
  • Webinars
  • Online content
  • Jishuken activities

LGN member institutes have varied, rich portfolios of lean education and training offerings. You can find out more on the local LGN member institute websites.

LGN institutes and websites


LGN and LGN members constantly publish content, from books to newsletters and articles. LGN publishes new content weekly on Planet Lean, its official online magazine, which over the past 10 years has turned into an important source of lean knowledge for tens of thousands of practitioners around the world.

More about our publications and where to buy Lean books around the world you can find here.

Co-learning partnerships

LGN institutes partner with private and public service companies and organizations to support their lean transformation journeys. Learning partnerships normally consist of basic and advanced lean training, hands-on learning through improvement projects, experimentation in new ways of thinking and acting, and coaching managers and leadership teams. Co-learning partnership programs involve collaborative learning and sharing among multiple organizations. Developing and sharing this knowledge supports our research mission as well as our goal to create and share the latest on Lean Thinking via stories, publications and education programs to help make things better throughout the world.

In our articles you will find many stories about our co-learning partnerships.